Available Equipment:  CNC mill,  CNC router,  Lathe,  Panel saw,  Band saws,  Wegener bender,  Wegener butt welder,  Punch press,  Wegener hand welding guns,  Wegener extrusion welders,  Instron tensile tester,  Pipe butt welding equipment.  

Engiplast Inc. is dedicated to providing quality products for the chemical and electronic industries.  As a custom fabricator tuned in to the individual needs and circumstances of our customers, problem solving is a key element of our operation. 

After 30 years of using plastics to deal with effects of corrosion in industry, Engiplast Inc. offers expertise to a wide range of manufacturers.  Since we are a Texas company, (located in Gatesville, Texas; near Waco) many of our customers are in Texas.  However, we have serviced companies coast to coast and internationally, too.

It is our desire to work together with others in the plastics industry to provide products which will further the advancement of the use of plastics to solve industrial problems.  It is our reputation for providing exceptional quality consistently over the years which has caused clients to keep coming back to us with their needs. 

Don Chandler, with his patented PVDF Turntable developed for the Electronics Industry, founded Engiplast Inc. in 1983. A few years later, he purchased rotational molding equipment and developed rotomolding and rotolining processes and parts. Don was a forerunner in the design and construction of thermoplastic tower packing internals, which the company still produces today.

Don moved to Texas in 1970 to help start a fiberglass pipe and tank business in Freeport (Vesca Plastics). He designed and built filament-winding machines for use in production. Don became interested in building dual-laminate tanks, and designed and built flow fusion equipment for thermoplastic welding. He built equipment for vacuum forming and thermoforming flanges and dished heads. Don was a founding member of DLFA (Dual Laminate Fabrication Association) and served as treasurer for many years. Don was an active member of NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) for over 25 years, being asked to make presentations about his projects. Don was a member of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), participating on the RTP-1 Committee developing dual laminate standards. He was a member of AWS (American Welding Society), and worked with DVS (German Welding Society) to develop standards and fabrication processes. Don was a contributor to the AWS G1.10 plastic weld defect document, and he helped develop the AWS B2.4:2012 thermoplastic welder qualification standard.

Don Chandler was an innovative thinker, always trying to advance the industrial use of plastics in America up until his death in 2012.

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