Thermoplastic Weld Testing

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We do thermoplastic weld testing per ASTM C-1147 and AWS B2.4:2012.

wpe3.gif (220404 bytes)   Tensile Tester

bend test.JPG   Bend Tester

American Welding Society has published the AWS B2.4:2012, an American National Standard, called "Specification for Welding Procedure and Performance Qualification for Thermoplastics". It replaces the old standard of ASTM C-1147. The new standard calls for the bend test on some materials, and specifies the tensile test on other materials, especially fabric backed materials.

For the fiberglass industry, Engiplast is also capable of running the Climbing Drum Peel Test as per ASTM D1781.

climbing drum.JPG   Climbing Drum Peel Tester

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